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    Australian Customer Support

    The global #1 ranked Learning Management System

    now has Australia-based Setup, Training, Help and Phone

    Support. Get the best of both worlds.

  • Our TalentLMS setup is just $149

    One amazing low price for setup

    We'll set up, configure, customise and brand your TalentLMS portal to meet your requirements and import your user data - all within 48 hours and for a flat fee of $159 Australian dollars.

    Our TalentLMS phone support from just $59 / month

    Phone support and ongoing help packages

    Optional help and phone support when you need it, giving you peace of mind. Starts from just $59 / month.

    TalentLMS Support, Setup, Help and Training services

    Fast, expert set up, training and phone support

    Save time with fast, professional setup and benefit from premium local phone support, help and training.

  • Our TalentLMS Demonstration, Setup, Phone Support, Help and Training Services

    What we offer to support you

    Our Demonstration and Showcase Service

    Our Demonstration and Showcase Service

    Learn what's possible, how easy it is to use, and how good it can look!

    Our live TalentLMS demonstration service can show you what the system can really do, and how amazing it looks with our setup service! Book in using your videoconferencing tool of choice at no cost or obligation.

    TalentLMS Setup, Training Services and Phone Support

    TalentLMS Setup, Training Services and Phone Support

    Get going quickly with our expert setup and configuration service, at a low fixed price

    Our TalentLMS Setup service includes our proprietary requirements-gathering questionnaire, system configuration, customisation and branding to meet your needs, a custom domain (optional) and import of your user data, all for a low fixed price of $159 (+GST). Optional training is available to make you an expert Administrator!

    TalentLMS Pricing

    TalentLMS Pricing

    Amazing low prices - buy direct and save

    Buying directly from TalentLMS means you get amazing low prices. This is because the support is limited, BUT when you buy direct and add on our local setup, help, training and support services, you get the best of both worlds and only pay for the support you need.


    Note that all prices on the TalentLMS website are in US dollars.

    TalentLMS Pricing

    Expertise on the latest features

    We keep up to date with the latest so you don't have to

    As a TalentLMS partner, we've worked with the product for over 12 years and keep up to date with the very latest releases, such as the new AI-learning content generator available through the Talent Craft functionality, This assures you that you will get the most out of your investment in the solution, having a partner who helps you continuously improve with the software.

  • Why TalentLMS?

    Grow your revenue through selling online content through the TalentLMS ecommerce functionality

    TalentCraft – the new AI content generator

    TalentCraft is an interactive content creation tool, available exclusively through the TalentLMS+ Beta interface, designed to empower you to create high-quality "SCORM-like" content, and AI-generated content, virtually at the click of a button!

    Reach your learners anywhere anytime with TalentLMS mobile learning and mobile app

    Reach your learners anytime, anywhere

    Learners study at their own time, place, and pace through their desktop and mobile devices.

    Automate training with TalentLMS via notifications as part of our premium setup service

    Automate training

    Automatically assign courses to relevant users and keep everyone up-to-date with automated messages. Also leave the hassle of grading tests to the platform’s automatic
    grading engine.

    Save valuable time with Adapt2 Learning getting your setup support and training done for you

    Save valuable time

    Collaborate with other instructors to create new content, update courses, reuse existing material, and assign courses to multiple learners easily and effortlessly.

    Boost learner adoption with engaging interactive content with training in Australia

    Boost learner adoption

    A gamified learning experience hooks learners and boosts engagement and adoption. Personalize your training program according to each learner’s knowledge gaps and increase
    their motivation to learn.

    Save money with an affordable online learning management system

    Save money

    TalentLMS saves you money by slashing course development overhead, instructor fees,
    classroom costs & training-related travel expenses. Combined with Adapt2 Learning's value-adding setup, training and personalised phone support, you have an amazing result at a fraction of the cost of a similar enterprise solution.

    Manage and track training compliance with TalentLMS with local set up

    Manage & track compliance

    Track your learners’ training and overall progress. Ensure compliance with renewable certificates, and easily share information with company executives, authorities, and third parties.

    Grow your revenue through selling online content through the TalentLMS ecommerce functionality

    Grow your revenue

    Leverage TalentLMS’ powerful eCommerce features to sell your courses online to
    customers, partners, and students.

  • TalentLMS Training solutions

    TalentLMS is the LMS built for training success.
    Add our premium phone support, setup, help and training services and you've got the best of both worlds!

    Employee training with TalentLMS, supported in Australia

    Employee training:

    Lifelong training
    Compliance training
    Management & Leadership training
    Sales, Marketing, Support training

    Extended enterprise training with TalentLMS, with set up in Australia

    Extended enterprise:

    Partner training
    Customer training
    Franchisee training
    Vendor training

    Commercial elearning with TalentLMS with training in Australia

    Commercial eLearning:

    Sell courses to partners,
    customers and students

  • Easy to use

    Adapt2 Learning can take care of your full set up and customisation to meet your needs, saving you time and allowing you to you get up and running without you needing to spend time figuring it out. Training feels right from the very first click, so learners jump in anytime, anywhere.


    TalentLMS grows and shrinks on demand according to your needs and comes with no hidden fees,
    long-term commitments, or lock-ins.



    We'll create and configure the system to your own custom domain, logo, and theme and create a custom domain and help links for a highly professional look and feel and clean interface for your learners. We can even help you localize to users’ languages if you have multi-lingual requirements.

    Ready-made courses

    Start training immediately with TalentLibraryTM - a growing collection of ready-made courses covering the soft skills your teams need for success at work, or utilise the training we provide to get your custom courses up and running quickly and easily using the in-built course builder.


    With our mobile apps on both iOS & Android, learners get the same great experience on the go, even when offline.


    Powerful & extensible

    Tons of enterprise-grade features to use, all simply explained by us. Plus, we'll help you to connect it with hundreds of apps you already use, so training fits into your work life without any interruptions.

    Ready-made courses

    TalentLMS users now get access to premium customer phone support, provided by the Adapt2 Learning team. This means that extra help is always on hand whenever you need it and you're never left waiting.

    Zero maintenance

    TalentLMS cloud-based backend frees you from installation, setup, and maintenance hassles so you can focus on your training program.


    Best value

    Recognized as the most affordable training solution, TalentLMS gives you industry-leading features at the lowest price per user. Combine that with Adapt2 Learning's very reasonably priced setup, training and phone support packages and you have our premium setup, training and phone support services with the value of buying direct from TalentLMS.


    SSL is available on all TalentLMS accounts and even comes complimentary to mapped domains on Basic Active plans and above.