Quick Review of the new TalentLMS Talent Craft Artificial Intelligence Training Content Creator

Automatically created learning content at the click of a button

What is Talent Craft?

Talent Craft is the new training content generation tool provided free of charge with TalentLMS, the world's leading Learning Management System (LMS) and it's absolutely amazing. It allows you to quickly and easily create interactive SCORM-like content units which are impressive, highly flexible and take the learning experience to the next level.

Moreover it has one huge advantage which is not available to most other Learning Management Systems - it has the ability for to automatically create training course content for you using AI - that's right, automatically created Artificial Intelligence course content!

Talent Craft is part of the Beta+ interface for TalentLMS which they have been slowly adding to over the past few months and it's expected that this would move out of Beta around June - but the functionality is already awesome and you can use it now!

TalentLMS Talent Craft the new Artificial Intelligence training course content creator

You need Beta+ mode to access Talent Craft

We'll cover the full functionality is a future article but this gives you a snapshot of how it works.


Firstly, your portal needs to be in Beta+ mode, which is a setting performed by the Administrator role. The Beta+ mode provides an enhanced user interface for learners and instructors and additional, new functionality for instructors. The Talent Craft functionality is basically a new "unit type" in TalentLMS which enables you a rich, interactive "SCORM-like" experience.


The image below shows the course creation of a new training course in TalentLMS Beta+ mode.

TalentLMS Beta Instructor view

How can I access Talent Craft

To create a Talent Craft unit, simply click the Add button from the menu in Instructor mode and then select Talent Craft, as shown in the image below.

Accessing Talent Craft unit from the TalentLMS Beta instructor menu

Artificial Intelligence-created training content

Once you've done so, you'll see the screen below, which has three options. Use the "Generate with AI" button to generate your learning content with Artificial Intelligence.

TalentLMS Talent Craft Artificial Intelligence AI create training course screen

You'll now be prompted at the bottom of the screen to enter some keyword information so that the AI can work its magic. This is where you need to be a little thoughtful so that it can return relevant content for you. In our example we entered "workplace harassment in NSW Australia" because we wanted to generate content related to workplace harassment but wanted it to return regulations, images and examples which were relevant to this particular geographical areas.

The results were impressive, as you can see from the brief snapshot below!

TalentLMS Talent Craft Artificial intelligence AI new training course example

Scrolling down a little further there is more surprisingly high quality text followed by the first interactive element which are flash cards. As you would expect, some minor editing is required to help finish off and polish the content, but wow is it impressive how much it can create!

Talent Craft AI generated example

Scrolling down further we see more interactive elements. As you can see it's created a comprehensive unit with interactive mixed media at the click of a button based on our keywords entered.

Talent Craft AI generated example 2

From here, all you need to do is set about proof-reading your content, customising it as required, tweaking the images and interactive elements to suit you and you're good to go. You've automatically created an AI-generated course in a matter of minutes - impressive, right??!!!

Talent Craft help

TalentLMS have created some initial training articles to help you learn the basics about Talent Craft and more articles will be rolled out as this moved out of Beta development. You can access the articles here

Start using Talent Craft - you can create your own portal or we can provide access to our fully set up system so that you can try it without spending any of your own time on setup.

Or course as your TalentLMS local help, training and support partner, we'll be very happy to assist you with getting the most out of Talent Craft and all aspects of your TalentLMS subscription - just ask us at help@adapt2learning.com.au.