Talent LMS and Adapt2 Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide help, training and support for Talent LMS in Australia?

Yes, as we are based in Sydney, Australia, the majority of our customers are based in Australia, and we have customers in all states from Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania (hopefully soon in the Northern Territory!

Do you provide help, training and support for Talent LMS in the United States (USA)?

Absolutely, we have numerous clients in the United States and growing.

Do you provide help, training and support for Talent LMS in New Zealand (NZ)?

Yes, our customers in New Zealand are well represented and of course we love supporting our Kiwi friends across the ditch!

Do you provide help, training and support for Talent LMS in the United Kingdom (UK)?

Yes, we have customers in the UK and this is an important growth segment for us.

Do you provide help, training and support for Talent LMS in Europe?

Yes, we support Europe and this market is particularly relevant for the multi-lingual capability of TalentLMS whereby you can leverage the branch functionality for each region and have languages to suit - perfect for a multinational company.

Do you provide help, training and support for Talent LMS in Asia?

Yes, we've had numerous new customers come onboard from Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. The customers from these regions value the fact that TalentLMS has language settings which can be customised to their region.

What industries are using TalentLMS?

As an extremely flexible learning management system, which has made TalentLMS the world's number one LMS, the solution has broad appeal and is in use across the following industries:

- Healthcare industry

- Aged care industry

- Medical clinics and medical devices

- Legal / law firms

- Transport / trucking / courier services

- Manufacturing industry

- Retail industry

- Construction industry

- Consulting industry

- Safety training

- Firearms training

- Registered Training Organisations (RTO / RTOs)

- Chemists / pharmacies

- Restaurants / catering / hospitality industry

- Non-profit organisations / Not-for-profit organisations / charities

Is TalentLMS expensive?

No, TalentLMS is a cost effective, inexpensive, budget solution which is powerful but offers incredible value for money. They keep their costs low to ensure that the LMS is the best LMS available for small to medium businesses by having a very efficient ticketed support system. This is where our offering comes in, giving you the flexibility of local phone based help, training and support for the solution if you would like to have the additional peace of mind.

What services does Adapt2 Learning offer?

Adapt2 Learning is the Australian partner for TalentLMS and offers the following services:

- Set up of your TalentLMS portal - this is our core product available for the low price of $159

- Optional training to help you hit the ground running

- Optional local Australia-based phone help, training and support packages

- Custom domain setup and management

- Consulting and advisory services

Any TalentLMS customer will benefit from our services, whether it's a small and simple implementation or a large and complex implementation - we know the product backwards and can streamline your use of the system

Does Adapt2 Learning help with branch setup?

Yes, we know the Talent LMS branch capability intimately and have many clients who use this functionality. In conjunction with the language settings where you may have a different language per branch (multi lingual or language per region) this functionality makes it viable to have one LMS to serve your multinational or global operations very efficiently.

Does Adapt2 Learning support the TalentLMS + version with Talent Craft?

Yes, we have been monitoring the Talent LMS + (plus) Beta and Talent Craft releases very closely and we are experts with this new improved version of the system. We can help you unlock the advantages of the new features, including the AI (artificial intelligence) capability which is incredible, as you can literally have the TalentCraft functionality create your draft courses with just a few clicks!

What is Talent LMS + (Plus) Beta

Talent LMS + (Plus) is the new version of TalentLMS which is still in Beta (or trial) version, though it is absolutely functional. It provides a better user interface and some amazing new functionality including Talent Craft, which is a richer means of creating your content and gives you similar interactivity to SCORM content, not to mention having AI (Artificial Intelligence) capability so that you can create courses at the click of a button!

Does TalentLMS support SCORM?

Yes, TalentLMS supports SCORM 1.2 and this content is easily uploaded as a SCORM unit in TalentLMS. We recommend to "wrap" the content with an introduction unit, test and survey units for the best overall course experience.