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We've put together this collection of frequently asked questions about TalentLMS all in one place, so you don't have to go searching.

Question: What is TalentLMS?

Answer: TalentLMS is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) created to help organisations simplify the delivery of online seminars, courses, and other training programs. 

Question: Is TalentLMS good?

Answer: Yes, it's extremely good, and has been ranked #1 LMS globally in various categories by many reputable software review organisations for many years.

Question: Can I start TalentLMS free?

Answer: Yes, you can create an account for free and it remains forever free. With a free account, you can have all of the core functionality, up to 5 users and 10 courses and impressively, you still get full email support and unlimited data! This is a great way to try the user experience and most users will then need to go to a paid plan - learn more about the different plans and how to save money at this article.

Question: Why is TalentLMS so cheap?

Answer: Great question - it certainly is amazing value. As a cloud based solution, you don't need to set up any infrastructure and you basically do the configuration and set up yourself. The team provides support in an efficient way, through a ticketed email system only, and they run an efficient operation. Once you most onto the higher plans you'll obviously pay more, but the features on offer and total outlay for what you get is extremely competitive.

Question: Is TalentLMS cloud based?

Answer: Yes, TalentLMS is exclusively cloud-based, giving you the many benefits of a cloud solution, as outlined in this article. It cannot be installed on your own server.

Question: Should I go for a TalentLMS Standard plan or Active plan?

Answer: Great question, and there's no quick answer to that one - so we deal with this comprehensively at this article.

Question: How much does TalentLMS cost?

Answer: Well it starts free and goes up from there, depending on the features you require and the number of users, and whether you choose a Standard user or Active user plan. There's no quick answer to that one - so we deal with this comprehensively at this article.

Question: Is TalentLMS easy to use?

Answer: For Learners, it is extremely easy and intuitive to use. For Instructors, it is easy to use. For Administrators, it is fairly easy - certainly compared to some of the competitors. Some of the advanced setup and features such as branches takes a fair bit of expertise to do confidently. Ask us for help to save yourself hours of figuring it out

Question: Is TalentLMS easy to set up?

Answer: Yes and No. The basic set up is easy enough, but some of our customers use the term "hokey" for the out-of-the-box look and feel. You can get it looking really awesome and branded to your specific needs, but this will take you a long time to figure out. Ask us for help as we have been doing it for nearly 10 years and will save you so much time and frustration, and get you better outcomes.

Question: Does TalentLMS have API integration?

Answer: Yes, and full documentation is available here. By using the TalentLMS REST library you can have your site communicate and exchange data with your TalentLMS domain.

Question: Does TalentLMS have other integrations?

Answer: Yes, there are plenty of options, for instance, via Zapier. There are also a stack of built integrations including Salesforce, Zoom, Wordpress, etc.

Question: Does TalentLMS have videoconferencing?

Answer: Yes. To hold a conference you can either use the native integration that TalentLMS offers, or use your own BigBlueButton, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar/GoToTraining account.

Question: Does TalentLMS work with Zoom?

Answer: Yes, you can use your own Zoom account.

Question: Does TalentLMS work with Microsoft Teams?

Answer: Yes, you can use your own Microsoft Teams account.

Question: Where is TalentLMS based?

Answer: The head office is in the United States but the core development team and support team are in Europe.

Question: Does TalentLMS have a mobile app?

Answer: Yes it does, and in addition, the solution is fully responsive on any device without the mobile app. The benefit of the mobile app is that learners can download content and consume it later when they don't have a data connection. 

Question: Does TalentLMS support different languages?

Answer: Yes, TalentLMS supports over 30 languages and this is growing all the time, making it a great solution for multinational organisations, especially when used in conjunction with the branches functionality.

Question: How do TalentLMS branches work?

Answer: Branches in TalentLMS allow you to create a "slice" of the system which can then have different settings, such as different signup, different home page and branding colours throughout, separate discussions functionality, and a different language. You might create a new branch per customer, or per region. It's a very powerful feature but takes some expertise to be able to set it up confidently. Ask us for help to save yourself hours of figuring it out (and potentially serious mistakes if you give the wrong course to the wrong end users).

Question: Does TalentLMS offer phone support?

Answer: No, TalentLMS has a policy of not providing phone support, it is strictly via a ticketed email system. Chat support is available for the highest plans. We know that many customers really want to be able to pick up the phone and speak to someone instantly if there is a serious problem affecting a few hundred (or thousand) users, so we offer this service.

Question: It TalentLMS reliable?

Answer: Yes, it is very reliable. We've been working with TalentLMS for over 10 years and it is exceptionally rare to have any downtime. The infrastructure is very robust.

Question: Does TalentLMS have eCommerce capability?

Answer: Yes, you have a number of eCommerce options with TalentLMS. Firstly, there is native eCommerce functionality baked into the software, meaning you can, out of the box, sell your courses using either Stripe or PayPal (but not both). This works well. From there, you have additional options, being an integration with Shopify, which is a great option if you're using Shopify and don't need fully flexible eCommerce options. If you do need more flexibility and have the expertise (i.e. web developer) you're better off with the Woocommerce plugin which can allow you to have the "Rolls Royce" online shopping experience. 

Question: Does TalentLMS support SCORM content?

Answer: Yes, SCORM 1.2 content can be uploaded directly as a unit type and plays very well.

Question: Can TalentLMS integrate with a Learning Record Store?

Answer: Yes, TalentLMS can integrate with an LRS via APIs. Refer to this article https://help.talentlms.com/hc/en-us/articles/360014658693-How-to-integrate-my-TalentLMS-portal-with-an-external-LRS

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