TalentLMS Demonstration and Set up Showcase

Our live TalentLMS demonstration service can show you what the system can really do, and how amazing it looks with our Australia-based setup service!

When you are looking for the best Learning Management System for your organisation, one of the challenges you face (aside from the fact that there is too much choice!) is the fact that it's difficult to project a couple of key things which will be top of your mind as a customer, namely:

1) How is this thing going to look for us? 

I mean, will it be branded just the way I want it, with a custom domain, slick colours and logos matching our brand? Will I be able to deactivate the functionality I don't want to use? Will I be able to remove the TalentLMS references?

2) What's the user experience going to be like? 

Is it going to be simple and intuitive for our users, and will it work well on mobile devices and tablets? Will they be able to reset their password, etc. etc.?

3) What's it going to be like to use as an Instructor or Administrator? 

Is it easy to use or clunky? Does it have cool features like cloning to enable us to quickly create online courses? Those "powerful" features...how hard are they to master? That custom reporting, which is only available on the higher paid plans - is that actually any good?

Unfortunately, none of these questions - which must be answered if you're going to proceed with confidence - can be properly answered, for you, by researching online. Sure, you can read the online 5-star reviews which almost universally say it's great value and a powerful product, but you really need to assess it yourself. And when you first sign up to use TalentLMS, the out-of-the-box look and feel is probably not how you want it to look, and you'll need to spend many hours figuring out how to set it up to fully assess it.

TalentLMS is the best learning management system, but is a bit plain out of the box

This is the admin view out-of-the box...quite plain, a bit dated-looking and overwhelming for someone who doesn't know how to use it!

broken image

This is the login page when you first create a new portal. Don't worry though, we can make it look awesome!


Now, there's a better way, with our TalentLMS live demonstration service. Contact us now to book in a 15-30 minute demonstration session via your videoconferencing solution of choice, and we'll be able to give you a live demonstration of a beautiful TalentLMS portal which has been branded and polished with a custom domain. Here's an example of a custom home page we created.

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Note the secure, custom domain and the slick branding on this custom home page, including free sample and other custom links, in this case for Help and a link to the main website.

Here's another example of a custom homepage, this time with integrated chat support functionality, which we can assist you with as part of our set up service.

TalentLMS portals look great when the branding and setup is done well, and we can demonstrate how

On-brand, polished look and feel, custom easy-to-remember domain for users, and lush artwork, this domain is also showcasing the chat support functionality which can be integrated as part of our setup service.

When you arrange a TalentLMS demonstration with us, we can show you live examples of beautiful samples we have created, and you can even go away and try them on your own mobile device, for instance, which is a great way to satisfy yourself that the user experience is as simple and intuitive as everyone says it is.

We can also give you access to one of our sample TalentLMS portals for you to try the Instructor and Administrator functionality, or even guide you through creating your first course in your own TalentLMS portal, if you've set one up using the TalentLMS free plan option.

In addition to showcasing the Learner, Instructor and Administrator functionality, we can explain and demonstrate some of the really cool advanced features which you simply cannot get an understanding of otherwise, such as the branches functionality (powerful but confusing as heck for users at first!) and the custom reporting functionality (which is awesome but you need a higher level paid plan to use).

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This (redacted) portal has been set up using branches to enable global training, with each branch being set up with the relevant language and default course in that language, as well as self sign-up!

And last but not least, if you're interesting in selling courses through TalentLMS, you'll have questions around the eCommerce functionality and how the various options look and feel, from the basic native TalentLMS eCommerce, through to the Shopify and Woocommerce (which is the Rolls Royce but takes some setting up!)

TalentLMS is free to try and the pricing is amazingly low (click here to view pricing, noting that it's in US dollars). It's low because support is limited, but with our Australian TalentLMS setup, help, training and customer phone support packages, you get the best of both worlds and only pay for what you need.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the confidence you need before investing your time and energy into TalentLMS and let us help you determine if it's the right solution for you.

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