TalentLMS Setup, Training, Customer Phone Support and Help

OK so you're thinking about taking the plunge to TalentLMS. You've read about how it's the best LMS and has won a bunch of awards, but you're hesitant to go ahead with a provider which is based overseas and doesn't provide local phone service. 

Or maybe you've already starting using TalentLMS and have found it a bit confusing to set up....sure you can get the basics, but you're not an IT guru and it's all new, so some of the advanced stuff, like branches, or setting up a custom URL and getting a polished look with your branding, is either too hard or taking up too much of your precious time. Or you feel that you're just not getting everything out of it as there are so many features. 

If so, read on, as this article explains how we can assist you!

1) We'll take care of your TalentLMS Setup for just $159

Right from the start, we'll help you get the system set up quickly and efficiently. We'll use our custom-built TalentLMS requirements-gathering templates to determine exactly which of the features, including the advanced features, you would like to use. Don't need gamification? We'll turn that off. Need to enforce complex passwords? We'll turn that on. And so forth. Thanks to our many years of experience and deep knowledge of TalentLMS functionality, we'll get your new TalentLMS portal configured with the settings you need, quickly, without you needing to spend hours poring over the online documentation. 

Our TalentLMS set up service is done for a flat fee of just AUD$159 and you only pay at the end when you are happy with it. That's amazing value, considering that it will save you upwards of 12 hours of your own time (and you still wouldn't get the same end result as you would with our many years of experence!)

2) We'll take care of your branding

Again, as part of our setup service, the branding is in hand. If you have  brand guidelines outlining your logos, primary and secondary colours, etc., simply send it to us. If you're a smaller organisation, don't worry, we can sample your logo and brand colours by referring to your website. We'll apply a logo, favicon, colour scheme and create an awesome custom login page for you and we'll tweak and adjust it until you are 100% happy. 

All this at no extra cost - it's included in the AUD$159 setup fee! 

3) We'll take care of your advanced configuration and customisation

Most TalentLMS users would not even be aware of the large number of "tweaks" that can be made to a portal to get it just the way you want it. For example, we can change the text for the buttons. We can hide stuff which you're not using. We can rename elements and replace text. We can add additional pages and links to your custom homepage. We can add custom fields for users and courses, which can turbocharge your reporting and analytics capability. Again, it's stuff we do every day that would take you a long time to figure out. 

All this at no extra cost - it's included in the AUD$159 setup fee! 

4) We can set up a custom domain for you

One of the hardest parts of getting a really professional looking TalentLMS portal is setting up a custom domain. Why? Because most people are not confident adding A records, CNAME records, SKF and DKIM records to a domain's DNS settings, and fair enough! It is specialised, can be fiddly, and you have to get it exactly right! 

With a custom domain, you'll have a very polished site, and we can even obtain for you (subject to availability) one of the awesome new extensions (e.g. .training, .online, etc.) so you end up with a really, easy to remember site URL such as https://www.yoursite.training

Configuration of a custom domain costs an additional AUD$99 setup fee + the cost of the domain itself (around $12/year depending on the extension). We charge this as an optional extra because a) not everyone feels it's necessary and b) the cost of the domain itself varies depending on what extension you'd like (or you may even have your own already).

5) We'll import your user data

If you're like most customers and have a significant number of users you'd like entered into the system, you'll probably be feeling a bit overwhelmed by how to import your user data. Sure, it's not rocket science, but it's a bit fiddly, especially if you have custom fields, and the results can be downright problematic if you get it wrong for a large number of users, requiring an API connection to fix! 

Again, not to worry, we're here to assist you. We'll either do your import for you, or guide you to do it (if you'd like to become familiar with doing it) using our import templates which make importing a snap. Most importantly, we'll make sure that the password set-up is done to your requirements and the welcome email notifications are configured just right, including testing, so that your users get a great first impression of the system.

All this at no extra cost - it's included in the AUD$159 setup fee! 

6) We can train you so that you are a TalentLMS expert Instructor / Administrator

OK, now that we have your portal fully set up and ready, you'll need to create some awesome content and start administering the system. Again, we can assist, with our optional training, help and customer phone support packages. We're flexible in our offering, depending on what you would like. Some clients just want training, and others would like a training and phone support package so that they can pick up the phone and get immediate help when they get stuck. The choice is yours; just contact us for a quote, as pricing depends on the level of support you'd like - from basic to premium. 

For training, our consultants will schedule face-to-face videoconference training for your Instructors / Administrators, where you'll create your first actual courses and learn how to run the system like a pro, meaning you can then immediately roll out the solution. 

TalentLMS is free to try and the pricing is amazingly low (click here to view pricing, noting that it's in US dollars). It's low because support is limited, but with our Australian TalentLMS setup, help, training and customer phone support packages, you get the best of both worlds and only pay for what you need.

So what are you waiting for?

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