Australian and NZ setup, customer phone support, help and training for Talent LMS

Australia-based Partner/Affiliate + the award-winning cloud LMS = Awesome outcomes for your organisation

TalentLMS is the multi-award winning Learning Management System (LMS, or online learning platform/software) which has been on the market for many years and is an extremely powerful yet affordable cloud-based solution. As Talent LMS is very cost effective (in fact you can start using the system for FREE!) the customer support model is quite lean and consists of a ticketing system. Don't get me wrong, the TalentLMS team is fantastic and work hard to get through their tickets, but we know from our interaction with customers looking for a learning management system in Australia and NZ that they want the peace of mind and convenience that comes with local service, setup, help and customer phone support, which has not been available...until now!

TalentLMS the learning management system built for success

Enter...Australian Customer Support!

Adapt2 Learning, as a Premium Partner, is extremely pleased to be able to offer a full suite of set up, customer phone support, help and training services based right here in Sydney, Australia, meaning you can pick up the phone and speak to a member of our team immediately, in Australian time zones (and for our customers in NZ, the time difference is just 2 hours). So if you've been considering trying TalentLMS but have been hesitant to take the plunge, read on for the full benefits which we can provide to bring you the best of both worlds - their awesome online learning management system combined with our amazing local support services.

Why is TalentLMS so good?

Well, that would be a lengthy article to explain in detail, so I'll summarise only here and you can go take a look at their website directly to read about the full features. Suffice to say, in our role as learning experts we deal with a lot of customers who are looking for online learning software to support a vast range of industries, and we are engaged to assist them in their search through the different offerings. We also have a lot of experience supporting customers of what I'm saying is that we know the product very well and we are qualified so say that it is a very, very good platform for basically any business up to a few thousand employees. Beyond that you're likely to be better off with an enterprise solution like eFRONT, which we can also assist you with, by the way.

OK, so some of the benefits in very brief summary:

  • It's easy to use once you know how and it's a very logical system, and you can create content quickly and efficiently. Unlike some of their large competitors (won't mention who!) their cloning feature means that you can very efficiently create content and whole courses easily once you've had training.
  • There are a stack of awesome features, such as:
  • Automated notifications - email out to the user to welcome them and advise their password, etc.
  • Groups functionality which enables you to automatically assign a bunch of courses to users (i.e. an All Staff group may have all the compliance courses which everyone needs)
  • Branches - powerful functionality which means you can have set up "slices" of the system to have different branding for different customer segments, if required
  • Powerful assessment / test engine with a bunch of cool features which can really help you build engaging tests which assess very effectively, once you know how
  • Assignments which work great where this is required....heck you can even have users complete the assignment with a video submission which they record directly on their tablet using the tablet camera...very cool!
  • Heaps of integration options, from single sign on to Salesforce, Zapier, etc. which means you can easily connect to other solutions
  • Powerful basic eCommerce functionality with the ability to integrate with Shopify and Woocommerce for an awesome shopping experience for your customers. This takes some setting up to get right but we are experts with this and can assist you
  • Ability to customise the system to achieve exactly what you require, from turning functionality on and off, to setting up various self-sign up/automation options to changing the look and feel of the solution (i.e. changing colours of buttons, button text, etc.) via CSS or Javascript code...there's a lot that can be tweaked to make it work just the way you need it to. Again, this element requires expertise and we can assist you with this as part of our set up service.
  • Responsive design which means that the system works great on all devices - laptop, tablet and mobile device - without the need for an app....but in addition they have a mobile app which is also pretty cool!
  • Very attractive pricing and you can get started for free!

I could go on here but it's just a summary of my favourite aspects...head to their site to learn more.

TalentLMS awarded best online learning management system 2020

What do we offer?

Glad you asked! We know TalentLMS backwards so we'll save you many, many hours of your own time figuring out how to set up and use the system, through our expertise. We've done the hard yards so you don't have to! Even if you did it yourself the solution would never look as good as what we can do, since we know all the tricks and some aspects like setting up your custom domain so that everything works right is actually pretty technical.

So what we offer is:

1) Making sure TalentLMS is the right fit

We'll listen and understand your requirements and assess whether the TalentLMS solution is the best fit for your organisation, given your needs and budget.

If you've already settled on TalentLMS, obviously you can skip this step!

2) Set up, configuration and branding 

Save your time to do what you do best, rather than spending time figuring out how to set up TalentLMS for your particular needs. We'll purchase your custom domain, then configure, customise and brand your TalentLMS portal to meet your requirements and import your user data - all within 48 hours and for the unbelievably low flat fee of $149. This rate applies if we are setting up your portal from scratch. If you have an existing system which you need us to improve, rework may be required and the fees will be a little higher, but we'll be happy to quote you in advance so you know what you're up for and there'll be no surprises.

3. Training and Customer Phone Support packages (Optional) 

Our consultants will schedule face to face videoconference training for your Instructors / Administrators, where you'll create your first actual courses and learn how to run the system like a pro, meaning you can immediately roll out the solution. We then provide local customer phone support and email support. Packages start at $49 / month and vary depending on the size of your organisation and what level of support you require.

OK so what's the catch?

There is no catch. We simply offer our set up, training, help and customer phone support services as optional value-add services which you can pick and choose as you require and as your budget allows. We can also assist with content creation, if required. You get to enjoy the incredibly low cost of TalentLMS direct customer pricing and all the benefits of what's been consistently ranked the world's best cloud based learning management system, while getting premium local customer service you can trust in your time zone.

So, it really is the best of both worlds. What are you waiting for? Get in touch now and we'll be happy to start your initial TalentLMS set up at no cost. Our $149 set up fee is only payable once you're happy with the system and if you're not happy with it, there's no charge. That's how confident that we are that you'll love it. So there is really no risk to get started and no obligation to proceed to payment unless you are 100% satisfied.


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